2015 Proving Grounds

February 7, 2015

They did it again! With nearly 25 teams coming from as far as Boise, Idaho, the Proving Grounds set another personal best for competitor attendance.

The level of skill and sportsmanship was as high as ever.  Our “Fastest tap” honors go to Chelsea Kyger from Ring Demon, with a 27 second head/arm choke and to Chris Stone from The Narrows Fight Team with his 23 second Guillotine.

With a tight battle for the top Adult Team Award, Gracie Barra NW takes 1st Place by slightly besting the local well-known Foster BJJ/Lotus Club.  Taking 3rd Place was The Narrows Fight Team, followed by the slimmest of margins and taking 4th place was Ring Demon of Kent, WA.

In the youth division, Gracie Barra NW ran away with the 1st Place award.  2nd Place went to Ring Demon, and 3rd Place to The Narrows Fight Team.  It was great to watch these youngsters battle it out on the mat and then laughing and comparing medals afterward.  They are truly the future.

We would like to welcome and thank the newest member of our referee team, Scott Reis.  Scott is a Black Belt in BJJ under Professor James Foster.

Our next event is being coordinated as we write.  Please stay tuned and be sure to bring your team to the next event.  For all of the competitors, parents, and coaches that attended, thank you for your continued support.



Sem Pontos e Sem Desculpas

Attention: Only age divisions 10 years and older will operate with the submission only format. While Proving Grounds is a proponent of the submission only format, we believe that it is important that children are able to learn and showcase their fundamental skills without the danger of injury. These positional players will be the “Finishers” of tomorrow. It is for this reason that the kids 9 & under divisions, who are not above white belt, will be scored by positional dominance and take downs only. If one competitor scores 21 points before the time limit is reached, that competitor will be declared the winner. In order to gain as much experience as possible, these brackets will be run in the round robin format.

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