Congratulations to all of the competitors who competed in Proving Grounds VII. This weekend was incredible. Individual results can be viewed here.

This fall/winter has been a very busy time for NW grapplers. Even with the pressure of so many other tournaments, Proving Grounds VII was a great success. Once again, the sportsmanship was incredible, and the skill level was extremely  high. Seeing game competitors coming together from all across the PNW is what Proving Grounds is all about.

Stalling? Nope! – Points? Not here! – Excuses? Never!

If you like to compete, get multiple matches, have your submission game tested, and have a great time, Proving Grounds is the tournament for you.
We would also like to highlight the following competitors for their outstanding performances that consisted of submitting everyone in their bracket of four or more competitors.

Gordon Gibson
Adam Abdelhamed
Jireh Carcellar
Trevin Raak

Keep an eye out for the next event….

Youth Team winners:
1st Place – Ring Demon
2nd Place – Gracie Barra Seattle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy
3rd Place – NW High Intensity Training Center, LLC

Adult Team winners:
1st Place – Foster Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
2nd Place – Check Mat
3rd Place – NW High Intensity Training Center, LLC

Overall Team Champion:
Foster Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Important update: After consulting with several coaches and our referees, we have decided to move all of the children’s divisions to the submission only format. Between the high level of instruction on your part and our referees attention to details and regards for safety, I believe the children will be safe with the submission only format. I look forward to seeing you at the next Proving Grounds.

-Sem Pontos e Sem Desculpas

I hope you have all seen the post about Defense Soap coming on board as a Proving Grounds Submission Only Tournament sponsor. It would be very helpful if we could support those that support us. Please go thru the link on the KYS Promotions facebook page or the one below so they can see our support. Also, tell your friends. This is great for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players, Wrestlers, Catch wrestlers, Judokas, and Boxers as well.


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